American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.
Louis Grizzard, a great American
It's choice ~ not chance ~ that determines your destiny.
Jean Nidetch

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This weather is just out of control. Sunday it was pretty nice and seemed to be in the upper 80's, though I never checked. Yesterday was totally noon the weather channel said 92 and 'feels like' 104! That's a 12 degree difference. Of course, that is inland and not on the coast where we are but outside the air was just plain hot to breathe. We rode bikes a little in the morning and that was it.......we stayed inside most of the day. Samantha came over with the kids to use the computer and they just hung out inside, too. Tyler, the 4-year old, has been spending the night since Sunday. They all have to take works out better that way! :-)

Tuesday is $1 Movie day with $1 popcorn and $1 cokes so we'll all be inside the cool theater for a couple of hours anyway!

Several months ago, I bought a new bike: A Schwinn three-wheeler. I don't have any pics yet but will get some soon. It took me a few rides to get accustomed to the feel of it as it is somewhat different from riding a two wheeler but now I love it. Buddy (or even a grandkid) can ride in the basket. Here's the generic pic from the web site:

If Walmart kept one out on display, they could probably sell a lot more of them. We usually see another one in the park about once every week or so.

We get a lot of reaction and comments when riding it around the campground, especially if we have Buddy in the basket.


Monday, June 13, 2011

The 'lazy days of summer" are definitely here. The park is full almost every night and practically overflowing on the weekends. Yesterday we worked the By Pass at the front gate from 9am til 2pm. That is the second entrance they have open during the busy summer months. Cars are lined up to get in at 8am when the main gate opens and the flow is pretty steady til around 2pm or 3pm.

The grand kids stay with us off and on, usually one or two at the time. They ride bikes, fish, play at the playground, go kayaking, go to the beach, pool at the apt. etc., etc. There is always something going on and not much time for us to "rest"..... :-)

Wild Hogs!

Fishing with Papaw

Kayaking all at one time!

Wipe Out!

Pool fun at their apt.

On Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays there are $1 movies at several movie theaters around town and we go whenever there is something playing they haven't seen. Wednesday night kids under 12 eat free at Po Folks and they all enjoy going there.....they love the fried okra!

We found Tacky Jack's and they are supposed to open on June 15th. (Doesn't look like that's possible?) They are just down Thomas Drive, on St. Andrews Bay, in the restaurant formerly known as Dock Hoppers. We never went there so maybe that is why they closed! We will definitely do our best to keep Tacky Jack's open! Lol!

Mexican Garbage at TJ's

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Backing up a few weeks, we had a great Memorial Day.

That morning, we went to the apartment to swim and grill out with Samantha, Nathan, Kyle, Logan & Tyler. The weather was beautiful and the food was excellent! We stayed until about 3:00 then headed back to the campground.

At 5:30 we met up with the other 13 hosts in the park and took two pontoon boats out for a sunset picnic. We cruised around St. Andrews Bay then went over toward the Hathaway Bridge to see the baby pelicans on the man-made island near the Port of Panama. Some pelicans and other shore birds have made it their home. In the pictures, the babies and juveniles are hiding behind the big concrete chunks. Their feathers are all white.

John & Teri and Floyd & Fran

Ed, Charles & Nancy

Mother Nature cooperated and the sunset was gorgeous. We definitely have to do that again!