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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~ Entrance Gate "work" day ~

Here at St. Andrews State Park, we have a monthly schedule among the volunteers to keep track of what days we "work" at the front entrance gate. I use "'s on the word work because it is really more fun than actual work. From 2:45 until 8:00 p.m., I sit at the window and collect entrance fees. Sam stands by to answer questions over the phone and check in late arrivals. Occasionally he will go with the evening shift ranger to correct a situation in the campground such as electrical outage at a site. I answer a lot of questions about how clear is the water at the beach or how is the fishing today and a few questions from people looking for directions because they are lost. Depending on the number of hosts in the park at any one time, we work the gate every 5 or 6 shifts. There are 2 shifts on the weekend in the summer when the 2nd entrance gate is open. For instance we worked Tuesday of this week, then next Sunday, then again the next Thursday. We can swap around with the other volunteers any time we need to.

During June, July and Labor Day weekend, there is a Tram from the campground to the beach which the volunteers also drive. There were 7 sets of volunteers here during June & July, so Sam only drove the Tram one day so far. We also walk around the campground, as people check out, and pick up any trash left behind.

Because of the two beautiful beaches, the pier, the wonderful campground, etc., this is the busiest State Park in Florida.....and the biggest money maker. Revenues are split between all the parks based on size and need so St. Andrews shares the wealth with the entire state. Luckily, for us, they share this beautiful park with volunteers.


Critter said...

Hey Susan and Sam,
Love your new blog - it's nice to keep up with family this way. Don't work too hard - hee hee.
Critter and Jim

PS - Temperature here in the mountains was 58 this morning. Not quite like your Florida heat but we love it here.

Karen said...

That is exactly how I feel about my job here at the Grand Canyon. I actually get paid to work at the entrance gate, sell park passes, and greet people. What fun. And my cubicle is the most beautiful in the world!