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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last photo from Texas

Here's the last of the cacti.....taken on our trip from Texas to Florida July 3rd.

We've been very busy since returning. We got back to Florida on July 4, taking just 2 days to travel over 1000 miles from Del Rio, TX (we weren't in a hurry or anything, lol!) Just glad to be back.
We stayed at cousin Marilyn's place from Saturday until Friday, July 10, when we moved on down to St. Andrews State Park at Panama City Beach, Fla. to begin our volunteer duties. We have the same site as last year, #103, looking out on the bay. Samantha and Nathan and the 3 boys came that night and stayed til Monday. Two boys, Kyle and Logan, stayed with us. We've been busy with them and trying to keep them entertained!

And lots of beach fun, too!!


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Sounds as if you guys are having a fantastic time! We are in OBX until September when we once again head west away from this humidity!

Susan said...

Hi Kimberly & Jerry...I just caught up on reading your blog this morning. Enjoy your time in's a great state.
Yes, we're loving being back in Florida and near the kids and grandkids. I actually enjoy the humidity!! It keeps my hair curly! lol! We'll be here until October then North Georgia for the winter. Still hoping our paths cross one day soon.

Karen said...

Where are you going to be in North Georgia? We just may come to see you!

Susan said...

Hi Karen,
We'll be at John Tanner State Park, from Oct. or Nov. 1, 2009 til probably March 2010. Come see us if you visit Georgia!

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

Looks like someone had a whole lot of fun!!!