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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I hit the mother-load at Walmart and Kmart today....

Walmart take today....$96.98 total before coupons....paid $8.98!

Now, read the fine print.....I had 17 coupons for $3.00 off flea collars which sell for $.97 each. This equals an overage of $34.51. Other overages were 4 x $3.00 coupons on $1.97 disposable razors = $4.12 overage on razors. And 2 x $5.00 coupons on $3.97 Zantac = $2.06 overage on zantac. This equals total overage of $40.69. Now Walmart is not gonna hand over $40 in cash for buying their stuff....BUT....if you buy enough stuff so that the $40 is absorbed and you end up paying something then it works. So I chose to buy over $40 in groceries that I don't usually have coupons for such as meat, bread, produce.

Kmart doing doubles before coupons $78.81....paid $3.79!

More fine print.....
I had overages at Kmart because I had a couple of Kmart coupons for $3 off total purchase. I had two of these so I broke the order into two orders to use both. That's why I purchased the coupons for them but I had overage to use up. I ended up with two $5 off coupons to use on your next order. I'll probably use these at Publix 'cause they honor all competitor coupons.


Karen said...

You are a fabulous shopper. I may have to get into coupons this winter while we are in Alabama.

SMM said...

I'm so amazed! I think I need to explore coupons!

RV Sales said...

You are amazing at getting deals. I always hear from others that they can get groceries for practically nothing, but I clip coupons and the best I can do is $5.00 off my entire bill. Maybe I am missing something. Interesting post any way.