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Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're still at Gulf State Park, enjoying the area and eating way too much. The weather has been cooler than we expected and the wind blows all the time. Today has been very nice...low 60's and calm winds.

One sunny day, we took a road trip over to Florida to see Gulf Islands National Seashore. Gorgeous beaches for mile after mile. In some areas, the sand from the dunes was plowed off the road like the pictures of the snow storms from 'up north'.

Beautiful beaches along the National Seashore

We also went as far as Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola. It was like most other Florida state park with lots underbrush between sites in the campground, but clear overhead for satellite reception in most areas. Not much beach to speak of...mostly grasses growing out into the bay.

Observation Tower in the park

Big Lagoon State Park

We usually eat out once a week to try some of the many restaurants in the area. Most of them have specials to attract the snow birds, which is a good thing for us, too! It doesn't look like the oil spill has had any impact on the folks from up north. The campgrounds here are FULL (Gulf S.P. has 496 site with 400 monthlies and no vacancies!) and the condos on the beach look like they are doing okay as well, from the number of cars there at night. Along with our 'chain' favorites...Longhorns, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-A, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, etc...we've covered quite a few in 2 months, LOL! :-)

Some of the restaurants we've tried include:

  • Tacky Jack's - our favorite.
  • Original Oyster House - great shrimp and BOGO deals!
  • Desoto's Seafood Kitchen - shrimp was just okay...too greasy (won't go back)
  • Shrimp Basket - there are a bunch of these around. Shrimp is okay.
  • Lambert's Cafe - 'Home of the throwed rolls'...very good country cooking. Huge portions! And they really do throw you the rolls!
  • Flora Bama - great sunsets, great burgers, and best of drinks (w/coupons!)!
Also, Wintzell's Oyster House looks very good and has a BOGO for lunch that we will try one day this week. We went to Lulu's (Lucy Buffet's place) on New Year's Eve day, but the wait was 3 hours for lunch. We haven't been back yet but maybe next week?

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pidge said...

Beautiful pictures. That sand does look like snow.