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Louis Grizzard, a great American
It's choice ~ not chance ~ that determines your destiny.
Jean Nidetch

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're still at St. Andrews State Park in Florida, just enjoying the beach and beautiful park.

Sam and I have both said that PCB would be perfect if there was just a Tacky Jack's restaurant. Now we've seen two billboards here saying "Tacky Jack's, coming soon to Panama City". This is our favorite place to eat in Orange Beach (and one in Gulf Shores is supposed to be completed in February 2012.) The signs don't say where but we are guessing and hoping they will build on the site of the old Treasure Ship on the water, across from Captain Anderson's. That would only be about one mile outside the park. Yea!

Here's my version of their Mexican Garbage:

Margarita with cherry flavoring and jerk chicken kabobs ready to grill!

Beach Bunny!

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