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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Change of plans.........we're at F.D. Roosevelt SP. Arrived Thursday evening. We didn't like the looks of the site at Sprewell Bluff.........and the DNR, not park rangers, are in charge of the facility. The site was just a pile of gravel spread on a red dirt road, in full sun, leading to the maintenance shop. Not what we expected. There was already a 'host' there who was supposed to have left but had not. She didn't really act like she wanted to leave and we sure didn't want to stay, so we said adios and came on over to FDR.

Our site at FDR State Park. It's the "Maintenance Host" site.

We knew there was a maintenance host position available and we opted to take it for 30 days until we move into the campground and take one of the campground hosts positions on 10/1.

We really like this site and don't mind being 'outside' the campground at all!

No one had used this maintenance host site since 2008, but with a little weeding and raking, it looks very nice. The full time maintenance guys, Steve and Barry, checked out the electric, water, and sewer and got it all going for us and we moved over from the campground to this site yesterday, and got all set up. We are just outside the back gate on a circular drive that turns off the highway. It's not numbered on my map but runs between Ga190 & US27. We are just 3 miles from Pine Mountain.

View looking toward the highway (our entrance).

View looking down our road toward the curve that goes to the highway from the other end (our exit).

Last night we had dinner at San Marcos Mexican Restaurant in Pine Mountain. It was excellent and the place was packed. We got there just in time (about 6:00) because they were waiting everywhere, including outside, by the time we left. Today for lunch, Sam picked us up barbeque sandwiches at Whistling Pig Cafe. The barbeque was also excellent along with the slaw and fries!

The area where we are located is very level
so we can ride bikes all around and over to the campground section across the street. The lower part of the campground is very hilly and not suited for our bikes (or bodies!) ;-)


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great thing about the RV, you can just move when you are unhappy:)

squawmama said...

That is a nice looking site and I am glad you got all settled in!
Have fun

Happytrails said...

Welcome to Pine Mountain!!

Samantha said...

Yay! So glad you're here and the boys can't wait to see yall! Grandparents week next week, don't forget, book fair is here also that week ;) PS. I'm "blogging" now lol kind of!

Karen and Al said...

Looks like a nice spot. I'll bet you are getting some cooler weather up there. I'm jealous!

Karen and Al said...

Looks like a nice spot. I'll bet you are getting some cooler weather up there. I'm jealous!

Shirley said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. We have good friends that work at FDR in the winter. Great place.