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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The leaves here in central Georgia are going to be at their peak colors in another week or so. Some of them are gorgeous already....the sweet gums and sugar maples.
Last Thursday, my BFF Judy, came down to visit for the day. We took a ride up to Dowdell's Knob where FDR would go to picnic and take in the awesome views. The colors will be much better the next time we go.

Bronze of FDR

FDR's view from Dowdell's Knob

We also drove over to the Group Camp that was destroyed by the tornado in April of this year. That place looks like a war zone....I can see it will be many, many years before it returns to the beautiful forested area it was before the tornado (25-30 years?). The State hired a logging company to come in and take away all the downed timber. Now they are bull dozing and burning one small area at a time. It will be a long time before this area is cleaned up and replanted. It's a real shame, too. The lake and boat docks seem untouched. There are still boats resting on the grass beside the lake. Most of the cabins and the two 'mess halls' are damaged beyond repair. They will have to be torn down and rebuilt. This area around the lake reminded me of the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Tornado damage

Damaged mess hall

Looking across the lake at the docks and boats lying on the grass

Damaged cabins

Looks like this little guy is the last Hummingbird of the season

And of course, the necessary pic of Buddy.....

and some grand kids!

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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good news on the fall colors. We will get to Adairsville on Saturday. We can look forward to some more great fall scenes.