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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All that "Newfangled" stuff

I guess we are the last people on the face of the earth to get a DVR but I sure do love it.  It seems everything I watch on TV comes on at the same time or at the wrong time for me to watch.  This wonderful little DVR gadget has changed all that. 

Now, if I want to, I can watch Hawaii 5-O in the afternoon instead of 10 pm at night (the same time as Cassill).  I can stop play to get a good look at the Hawaiian scenery.  I can watch the Kardashians any time I want to....when Sam is out.....and not have to listen to his snide remarks.  (And yes, I am interested in Klohe and Lamar's fab lifestyle).

                   In 1996, we stayed at the first building on the left......Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach....
..they film a lot beach shots around that area.

I can hit reverse during a NASCAR race to see the crashes over and over again or to watch that funny interview with Tony or better yet, get another look at his girl friend.  

 Another great new gadget is our Nook.  More on that to go watch General Hospital.  Detective John McBain from the defunct One Life to Live is on GH now as same character! 


Happytrails said...

You are one up on us. We do have a DVR..and love it but we don't have a Nook, yet! The DVR does come in handy doesn't it??

John and Carol said...

We love our DVR. You can watch your programs at the time that is right for you. Plus, and this is a big can zip through and avoid all the commericials.

I'd love some type of book reader. I'm leaning towards an IPAD.

This newfangled stuff sure is fun.