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Monday, February 11, 2013

Another rainy Monday..............

Our oldest grand son, Kyle, has an ear infection. Samantha took him to the doctor this a.m. and now he staying with us until tomorrow night. He can't go back to school until Wednesday. I'm fixin' to run to the store for some snacks and supplies for him. They wiped us out this past weekend! lol!

We're back from Ingles with lots of junk food!  We made pizza tonight and have ice cream for dessert.  He's a lot better after a couple doses of anti-biotic.   

I am letting Kyle practice his typing on my Acer tablet.  The keyboard is the same size as my larger laptop.  I gave him the old line - 'Now is time for all good men to come to the aid of their county' - to practice typing.  Only seniors like me will probably know what that is.  I showed him how I could type fast without even looking at the keyboard.  He was amazed.  He asked how I learned to do that?  I told him how we took typing classes back in high school.  He looked confused and asked if there were computers then??  I said No, we used typewriters.  He didn't know what a typewriter was!  I had to google them to show him a picture.  Then he said "Oh yes...I saw one of those at Good Will.  Me and Dad played with it and it dinged."

This looks about like the ones I remember from early years of working.  
 I guess this is another obsolete machine!

He quickly moved from practicing his typing to looking at videos on u tube!

More fun ahead for tomorrow (and more rain)! 

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Karen and Al said...

and isn't it nice that typewriters are now obsolete?