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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finally some sunshine, but brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Kyle got over his ear infection and we took him home Tuesday night so he could return to school on Wednesday morning.  

Thursday I went to Samantha's school for my weekly hair appointment - shampoo and set.  It's real!  I love it and it's so easy to manage.  Just run my fingers through it and I'm done!

Friday found me doing a little shopping at Target, Kroger, and even Walmart.  Kroger had their cocktail shrimp B0G0.  We love them and one pack is just right for lunch for the two of us.  

Friday night was birthday part for Tyler (6 yr.) at the Lazy Donkey Mexican restaurant in Carrollton.  For some reason, all the kids love this place.  And the Fajitas are exceptionally good!!  Dinner was late, 9:00 p.m., after baseball practice.  We didn't leave the place til 10:45!  

And poor Tyler got a shiner from a missed catch in ball practice..........OUCH!  

Today we are just chillin', trying to stay warm.  Lot of sun but lots of wind and right now the temp is 39 but "feels like" 30.  Winds at 16 mph with higher gusts.  Low tonight is 26...Yikes!

At least NASCAR is back so TV is on Speed Channel for the next 2 days.  Then more later next week leading up to the 500.  

Samantha, Nathan and the boys are off to Atlanta for the Monster Jam tonight.  They will visit the 'pits' this afternoon then find a spot for dinner, then back to the Dome for the Jam tonight.  Also downtown this weekend is the Circus, a cheer leading competition and the "Hair" show.  Samantha will be going back on Monday with a group from her school to attend the Hair show.

 Instant pics by phone:
Maximum Destruction

Grave Digger

Taco Mac in the Dome

Boys are out of school again all next week so we will be keeping them off and on, depending on Nate's work schedule.  He may be home a couple of days to give us a!

Monday they want to go the the little Circus here in Carrollton so I guess we will do that with them.  They got free tickets at school so they are all about going.  Hope it's not too lame!

Almost time for the Bud Shootout.....boogity, boogity, boogity!


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Randy and Pam Warner said...

Wow - what great times for those kids! First the fajita place for the birthday time and then the Monster Truck seres show.