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Louis Grizzard, a great American
It's choice ~ not chance ~ that determines your destiny.
Jean Nidetch

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Friday, August 1, 2008

~ Me, Me, Me ~

Fab Grandma tagged me for a MeMe that is going around. I haven't done this before so here goes.....

I am: on the computer too much.
I think: I need to go outside more.

I know: that work is at 2:45 today.
I have: dinner in the crock pot.

I wish: we had much more $$.
I hate: that I can't lose any weight.

I miss: my kids and grandkids.
I fear: heights.

I hear: kids playing outside.
I smell: the crockpot.

I crave: steak from Longhorn's.
I search: for travel blogs.

I wonder: where we might be this time next year.
I regret: that we didn't buy a trailer instead of a motorhome, because of gas prices now.

I love: spending winters at the beach.
I ache: to hug my grandkids.

I am not: riding my bike enough.
I believe: in God.

I dance: but my husband won't.
I sing: with the radio.

I cry: when the grandkids leave.
I fight: the urge to eat the wrong things, but not very well.

I win: at computer solitaire.
I lose: my patience too easily.

I never: have enough $$.
I always: watch Survivor on TV.

I confuse: Yellowstone and Yosemite.
I listen: to Country music.

I can usually be found: playing games or reading blogs on the computer.
I am scared: of most bugs.

I need: to lose weight.
I am happy about: being retired.
I imagine: that we will travel out west in a couple of years.

That was fun! Ok - I tagged Froggi Donna and The Meandering Ziaja's and Alona and Jim.


Karen said...

But you have to tag some people now, so get on the ball and do that, ok?

Karen said...

You did so good on that!