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Jean Nidetch

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

~ More rain........and here comes Fay ~

Gosh, I thought the rain was gone for awhile (see Aug. 13 for pics; it looks the same!). Now we're watching tropical storm Fay. Per the local weather, the projected path shows her coming VERY CLOSE to us on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Actually, about 80 to 100 miles east of here in "big bend" area. That is, just southeast of Tallahassee and by then she will be a hurricane with minimum winds at 90-100 mph.

The maps shows Fay turning sooner, towards Tampa.

If it comes too close, there will be a mandatory evacuation of the park. We would just head inland to our cousin's to wait it out. If it's really close, we might have to move the motor home. Ironically, our cousin has reservations to come here camping next week arriving Tuesday. Not sure how that will play out. Stay tuned!

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