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Saturday, November 8, 2008

~ The best laid plans........ ~

Here we are just a little over a year since retiring and hitting the road. We find ourselves in our home state of Georgia. In the past year we have been to Florida and Georgia……..our pitiful version of hitting the road.

Money, or the lack of it, was always a good excuse for staying close but we could volunteer in Utah or Virginia for the same cost as volunteering in Georgia or Florida, except for gas. Gas played a part in our choices when it was upwards to $4.00 a gallon and we drove a motor home and a truck too heavy for the MH to tow. Now it’s down to around $2.00 a gallon so we can fill up the truck for $50 instead of $100. That’s a big difference.

Another excuse was the fact that I was scared to go any distance in the motor home. I was afraid it would break down somewhere and we would be stuck far, far away. We have a travel trailer now and that old fear is mostly replaced with the lesser fear of the tow vehicle dying.

I’ve decided that in order to travel and see the things we want to see and do, I have to let go of the bigger fear……I must be okay with leaving my family (mother, kids, grandkids, cousins, etc.). That is what is holding us back. At least that is what is holding me back. Sam was ready to go months ago. I have convinced myself that everyone will be okay if we are gone for a few months and I won’t miss them so much if we are having a wonderful time. Right?

With that said, we have plans to leave December 10th from Florida and travel along I-10, stopping whenever and wherever we want. We plan to travel no more than 200 miles a day and stay overnight for several nights at the time. We are going to spend several weeks in Texas along the I-10 corridor around Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio and San Marcos. We may find workamper jobs along the way or not. If we make it to El Paso that will be a great accomplishment! Then on through New Mexico and Arizona. We will probably visit Quartzsite while in that area. We are looking to arrive at Las Vegas by mid-February and will work at the NASCAR race the end of February and first of March.
I'd like to see this!

Is this a problem in Texas??

After March 2nd, we will start back home probably along I-40 most of the way. We need to be home to visit for a while because we have a job at Adventureland in Iowa beginning the latter part of April which last for 5 months through the end of September.

The rest of November, I’ll be spending time looking online and finding areas of interest to visit on our trip. We don’t want to be tied to a specific schedule so we’ll just play it by ear as we go along. That is also a new one for me as I always make exact plans and reservations for every place we go. It will be different.


Karen said...

Don't worry about things so much. I have been doing this for 8 years. We have seen our kids at least once a year. They come to where we are or we go to them, it works out.

If you are only staying 2-3 days or so in one place, get a Passport America membership--it saves lots of money. Weekly rates are cheaper than daily. 200 miles or so is a good goal.

And, look us up when you get to AZ. We will be in Phoenix until right after Christmas, then in Brenda, near Quartzsite for about 4 months. Would love to meet you.

And, yes, beleive me, when you are traveling to new places, you will be so busy you won't have time to miss those guys. And THEY will be happy for you that you are living out your dream.

Susan said...

Thanks for the 'sage' advice.
Will do! We'd love to met ya'll.

Bob said...

I can appreciate the tough thoughts you are having about the mobile life or the distance factor associated with the lifestyle.
We have five years or so till we pull the plug and we will be having some of those same thoughts.
I am a firm believer in going with the flow and making things work.
You can do it...just take some baby steps and don't forget about yourself and your needs and wants as well.
We have lived all over the country away from family for many years and everyone did just fine.
Keep the faith and explore this great country. Bob

Susan said...

You're right, Bob. Now I just have to think positive!

Kimberly & Jerry Peterson said...

You are on your way to the most incredible experience we have ever lived. Please keep in contact with us along your travels since for us it ain't always easy but it can be done. Thank you for following our adventures and we always look forward to following yours. Unfortunately, we will not be meeting up in Vegas since we are planning to do Daytona for 6 weeks instead of heading to Vegas this year and then hanging out in the East to do many of the NASCAR events.