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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Green trees and pink bikes.

The trees around the campground are finally getting very green. It looks much better. We have about the biggest trees in the area and they get watered frequently. One day next week we will be moving the camper to another site. We have been looking at the sites at the end of the rows because they are much bigger and have more grass and Palm Trees. Most of these sites are taken by folks who leave their campers here year-round and probably live within a few hours drive. Some others are reserved years in advance, year after year, by the same people. There is one site we liked and the people are leaving around April 1 and returning in September. They travel around during this away time. We are going to move on their site when they leave and will be able to stay there til we leave in July. I'll get some pictures of it tomorrow. I like it because it is near the pool and across from the park area.
Our site looks better with the green tree and a little green grass...

We like to ride bikes around the park and there are a few hills that were hard to get up easily with my gimpy knees. I found this electric bike on and had been reading the reviews put there by customers who purchased it. The price was reduced by $100 (now it is back up to regular price) so it was a very good deal. We ordered it and it arrived the first week in March. It was easy to assemble but there was a problem with a short in the controller box. We called up the manufacturer, Currie Technologies, and they sent us a new controller for free (it's under warranty). It works fine now and I can ride all over the park with no problem. It will go 15 miles on a charge, at up to 15 mph. I go very slow because I am afraid to go too fast! And Sam has no problem keeping up on his regular bike.

Black and Pink!


Karen said...

I really want a bike but HE won't let me get one. That park looks pretty good to me. How long will you be there?

Susan said...

The bike is should get one.
We're here til mid-July (6 mos.) but I am in Atlanta now until May 5th, then I'll be flying back to TX.