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Jean Nidetch

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Another sweltering day of 99! So much for being in the mountains. I checked the elevation on World Atlas. This area is actually at a lower elevation than Samantha's (in Douglas County) or Mother's (in Gwinnett County).

Catoosa County, GA, and the surrounding area, including Chattanooga in Hamilton County, TN, has an average elevation of between 670' and 810', with a few areas over 1000. Of course, Lookout Mountain is the exception. Besides Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, there are no mountains around here. Elevation in Douglas and Gwinnett Counties average around 1065' to 1090'. Lake Lanier (our lake) in Gwinnett and Hall County, GA, is shown as 1076' at the Dam. Corps of Engineers calls it 1070' at full pool.

FYI, elevation at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, FL, is 3'! ;-) I'm lovin' it.

Is it just mine, or are all grand children beautiful??

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