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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

9 Weeks to go (on Friday).....

Just 9 more weeks to go before we leave this area and head south. Time has gone pretty fast, so far. Looking forward to moving on. Not planning on staying so long in one place any more - unless we want to. Not planning on any more government jobs. Just a few volunteer positions at places we want to be. We're looking at St. Andrews SP in PC Beach or Big Lagoon SP, near Pensacola, for volunteer spots next summer (2011). We're already scheduled for John Tanner SP (GA) as campground host for Nov/Dec. 2011.

The next couple of months, we're planning a few mods to the camper. We've already replaced the solid white screen door slide with a clear one and added clear Lexan over the screens in order to leave the solid door open and keep the a/c or heat inside. I like being able to see out. This is much better. It's hard to tell the difference in the picture except for the slide opening, which is now clear instead of white. There are two Lexan (similar to Plexiglas) panels covering the screen, attached with white, industrial strength Velcro. Lowes cut the panels to fit and Sam rounded the top corners with the jigsaw and sanded smooth. The Velcro allows them to be removed, if necessary, for cleaning or if we just want screens in the fall or spring.
(Also added the handle. Something to grab instead of the slider),

Also added a shampoo/soap dispenser to the shower. Love the convenience of no bottles. Works great!


Karen said...

those plexiglass screen door covers are a great idea! I am going to talk to Jim about making some for me!

Susan said...

I love having the door open!