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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday, Dec. 3rd.....

Another State Park stamped on the Passport Book. Marjorie Rawlings received the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, The Yearling. Her home is now a State Park in Cross Creek, Florida.
There were lots of orange and tangerine trees on the farm.

And some nice looking chickens.

After the Rawlings House, we drove over to Micanopy for lunch. This place didn't have a name.....just a sign that said 'CAFE'. We had overpriced ham sandwiches. Next time we'll be sure to take a picnic lunch!
This fella said he used to be with the Allman Brothers Band. He's playing for tips now.

After lunch we drove to the cemetery where Sam's parents are buried. They lived in Micanopy for over 30 years, after moving from his hometown of Largo.

This was their house about 4 miles from town. I remember going there when we were first married, as early as the 70's and into the 80's, before they sold and moved into town (Micanopy). Whoever bought the property didn't stay long and it has been abandoned and run down. We couldn't get near the house for the overgrown yard. Very sad.

Saturday, December 4th.....
Temps were up to 70 on Saturday so we decided to go to the 'beach'. ;-) Fort Island is the only beach near us, located in Citrus County, Crystal River. Not too bad...I needed a beach break! It seems the nuclear plant is viewable from everywhere in the county!

Found a couple more pictures on Webshots that I 'borrowed'. This first one looks like a post card from the 80's or 90's.

Maybe we'll go back again before we leave the area. Supposed to be 75 tomorrow!


Karen and Al said...

How sad to see his parents house in that condition.

pidge said...

The fruit on those trees sure looks good. A real shame about his parent's old house. We live in a throw-away world...