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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catching up.....

We've been back from Georgia since last Saturday. Nothing much to 'blog' about....just a couple of trips to Gainesville for Sam's doctor appointments. Two more times and he'll be done. His last appointment for a checkup is Jan.7th. We'll either come back for that or change to where we are at the time. We're ready to move on.

We plan to head out to Gulf Shores around 12/15 (just 2 weeks away), and definitely looking forward to seeing the Gulf area again. Hopefully it will be a warm winter for the most part. Next winter we may have to plan ahead and go further south in Florida to get the really warm weather.

We are going to check out Manatee Springs and Fanning Springs once again before we leave to see how many Manatees have come into the warm waters for the winter. This cooler weather should have brought a few more up into the springs.


Karen and Al said...

We're hoping for a warmer winter too! We almost froze last year in south Georgia, so we're heading south this year!

pidge said...

Manatee Springs is on our bucket list too. Hope you can get some good pictures to share.


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