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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ancestors in Stilesboro and Euharlee, GA

On Wednesday we took the two grand kids home and spent the night at their house.  We left Thursday morning with plans to stop in Cartersville, GA, to check out some historical society information.  As it turns out, we spent so long finding a cemetery in Stilesboro and then spending time at the historical society office and museum in Euharlee, we never made it to Cartersville.  That will be for another trip.  

The cemetery is McCormick/Hawkins Cemetery located on some private property.  We had looked for it a couple of weeks ago with no luck, but Thursday, after a conversation with the very nice property owner, we were able to find it and take some pictures.

 View from road looking up drive toward the barn.

 View of the damaged fence where someone had removed the post and some wire.

 The barn sits uphill about 100 yards from the road.  The cemetery is another 250 yards uphill from the barn.

Looking up the hill from the road towards the barn. 

From the cemetery, looking downhill towards the barn
As we walked toward the barn, 4 deer ran out from the trees between the barn and the cemetery.  It was like they had been released on cue to run across the grass.  Just beautiful.  Of course, they were way to quick for me to get a picture.  Just as quickly, they disappeared into the woods.

Buddy loved being off the lease and sniffing for more deer.  (He smelled them, but missed actually seeing them.)
 My 2nd great grand uncle, along with his wife and some children, are buried there.  No one had posted pictures on or anywhere else online so I wanted to go for myself to get the pictures.

  Captain Henry Johnson McCormick., Co. O, Phillips Legion, GA Infantry, Confederate States of America.

 Capt. and Josephine McCormick.

 View of Capt. McCormick's marker in the trees.

There are many, many graves with just stones for markers and no names. Maybe there is a record somewhere that lists who is buried here.  I will look into that more when we visit the area again.

Some of the many graves with no names.

 There are several rows like this with no names.

We stopped in Euharlee at the Historical Museum located next to the old covered bridge.  We stayed about an hour but Sam had to stay in the truck with Buddy because it was too hot to leave him.  

Euharlee Covered Bridge

Historic monument

There was a volunteer in the museum, Clayton J. Harris, who has lived in the area all his life and was very knowledgeable.  Turns out we are relatives, coming down the Shaw line.  He knows everyone around there, including many of my living relatives and ancestors.  We will definitely go back when we have more time and don't have Buddy with us.  

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