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Sunday, October 26, 2008

~ Funky Little Eatery ~

Front entrance to KC's
KC's Pizza and Subs in Vernon, Florida, will soon be just a pleasant memory. The State is widening the highway that goes through downtown Vernon (pop. 757) in order to have a 4-lane evacuation route for the next hurricane. Any business in the way must close or relocate to a yet to be built strip center just outside of town. KC's decided to sell to a new owner who will relocate some time in the future. They have great Philly Cheese Steaks and I've heard the pizza is excellent.

Side or Main Entrance to KC's

Inside front counter at KC's

Another shot of inside counter

Part of dining area

More of dining area

Tree stump in dining area

Funky rooster

Funky spices!

The last day of business for KC's is November 8th. We will be leaving the area on October 30th for our next volunteer location at John Tanner State Park in Georgia so we will try to make one more visit to KC's before we leave!

FYI - Gas is $2.59 in Wausaw, Florida. Note from Georgia: gas was $1.99 and $2.29 at Marathon in Buford last Monday and Tuesday!!

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Karen said...

I love that rooster! and say hi to all the folks at John Tanner for me. We volunteered there last year for 6 weeks during November and December. It is one of our favorite Georgia State Parks.