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Monday, October 27, 2008

~ A New Hobby....."Birding" ~

I've always loved birds and have had bird books with pictures of exotic types but just never got really serious about keeping track. It's pretty pointless when you live in the same area for 50+ years. There are only so many varieties to be seen.

Now that we are more mobile, I've seen some different ones so I decided to start my Life List. The first bird to be officially added to my list is this Osprey, spotted at St. Andrews State Park on October 10. He was up in a dead tree, enjoying his fish lunch. My camera did a really good job of capturing the moment although one of the pictures is a little blurry. The more zoom I use, the more steady I need to hold the camera. (Another mini hobby).

I'm going to try to get as many pictures of my sitings as possible. By the way, thanks FabGrandma for posting your bird pictures a while back. It reminded me to finally start my list!


Footnote: Gas in Lynn Haven, Fla. $2.38!


Karen said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I love birdwatching, it is something you can do anywhere you go, it's mostly free and so exciting when you see someone new! One of these days I'm going down to Mexico to see the Blue Footed Boobies, yes I am!

Susan said...

Are you going to Mexico soon? I read where you got your passports.