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Friday, October 10, 2008

~ Take a load off ~

We spent almost two weeks at our daughter's house, enjoying grandkids. That's over 5 weeks that we were "home", between Samantha's, Scott's and Mother's. The time really flew by. We left last Sunday and drove straight down to Florida to our cousin's place. It's a boring 6-hour drive but the trip went well with no problems pulling the new camper. The truck does a good job pulling, considering we are very close to surpassing the weight limit. Now we're taking a few days to lighten the load.....deciding what to keep and what to store. My set of Visionware (4 pcs. with 4 lids) had to go. Way to heavy. I kept one medium saucepan, one large fry pan, one small fry pan, the electric skillet and the crock pot, muffin pan, square lasagna pan, square cake pan, & magic bullet. That's enough.

Stopping half-way to Florida for free whoppers for lunch.

We still have a few boxes to sort through. I can't find my dishes. I had a new set of stoneware - white glazed with embossed sea shell pattern. I was using half the 8-piece place setting. The unused half is still in the box at my son's basement....and we think the others got put there by mistake. I also have another new set of plain, cream colored stoneware in the basement. I guess we'll find them at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Til then it's paper or plastic.
Footnote: Gas in Florida is $3.19! WoooHooo!!!


Critter said...

Know y'all are thrilled to be back in Florida. Why do you need so many pots and pans anyway? Thought you "retired" from cooking a long time ago.
Store is opening 10/22- getting nervous and excited at the same time.
Leaves are beginning to turn and are gorgeous.
Love, Critter

Susan said...

You're right! I rarely used those visionware pots!
Good luck with the Grand Opening!

Cookie Sunshine said...

$3.19 a gallon! Send some to Michigan!

I'm loving following your blog. My sister lives in Ocala. If you travel that way, please put your hand out the window, wave and yell "hey Ann!"

Wishing you a great week!

Susan said...

Thanks Cookie! We'll definitely give a shout to Ann!

Love your blogs, too.