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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lessor Goldfinch.....

Back on 2-9-09, I spied this little yellow bird across the road. Someone had washed their car and the birds had a field day splashing around in the puddles. I took the pictures from inside the camper, through the window. They turned out pretty good and when I zoomed in, I was able to identify the Lessor Goldfinch. It is identical to the picture in my bird book. These guys are not found in the southern states, just the southwestern states from Texas westward.

In the first picture you can see another bird's head in the foreground. The Lessor Goldfinch is looking toward the camera and has the black eyes and forehead.

In this picture, his back is toward the camera and you can clearly see the black and white design on the wings and back.

Another one to mark off my Birder's Life List.

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Karen said...

I am a birder, too. I love it when I can add another one to my list.