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Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from Georgia

After 5 weeks visiting family and friends in Georgia, I'm now back at the camper in Del Rio, Texas. The campground is only about 1/3 full and many of those are empty campers, used only occasionally by their (local) owners for fishing weekends. The campground is green and really looks nice. We moved to a site with lots of green grass and several palm trees. Last week the weather was brutal with highs 98 to 101. This week is much better with highs around 90 and overcast at times. We'll be here another 8 weeks until 7/10. That is our target departure date.

We ride bikes in the mornings and in the evenings. Too bad no one comes here in the summer because of the heat. It's much prettier than the winter months. I'll try to post some pictures. The internet service is worse at this site than it was at the other site, so pictures take a long time. I may take the computer into town on Friday because service is much better there.

In the meantime, just wanted to say HI to everyone. I had a great time in Georgia!
I did get some pictures downloaded. The first three are our frontyard.

This is the site next to us. The guys are turning on the in-ground sprinklers.


Karen said...

That looks like a lovely campground. I hope your next place will be more fun for you.

Susan said...

Hi Karen,
Yes the campground is very nice. I wish we could find one like this in GA! It's just a very slow area in the summer - southwest Texas is definitely a winter location. There is nothing to do (unless you fish - and we don't) and outside the park the area's landscape is just dreary - flat with no trees, just cacti and scrubby bushes. Only 8 more weeks!