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Friday, May 22, 2009

More pictures from Atlanta trip last month...

My first flight on an airplane with props instead of jet engines. I won't do that again! Just too bumby and too scary for me. This was Continental's "code share partner" flying from Del Rio to Houston.

The Houston to Atlanta flight was on Continental's Express, operated by Colgen Air - the same company whose plane crashed near Buffalo in March. I was nervous.

Houston in overcast skies. There were thunderstorms in the area. We managed to go around them.

Everyone gathered for the Easter Egg Hunt. It's hard to get all five to be still at one time!
Mackenzie has a pretty good start...
Tyler searching...
Ethan wonders "what's going on?"Kyle counting his haul...
And Logan, digging in....

Here I am with all five!

Birthday boy enjoying his first cake...
And just a little bit more....

And a few Ka-Zillion presents to open!

Happy first birthday, Ethan!


Nana Net said...

Oh my I know what ya mean! After having to do it just one time from Atlanta to Gainesville, Florida, was enough for this here girl. Was just plain ol' scary! More so when ya see your drink shoot upwards out of your cup~~~~ So therefore,
I honestly try my best when I fly not to ride on a plane that seats less than 75 people!
The pictures sure are some beautiful ones there! You truly have a great eye for taking them.
Plus all of the grandkids are precious. Nothing like them to keep ya motivated & young. I always just luv it when families get together. Makes for wonderful memories to be made and great times to be had.
And there is nothing like a "First Birthday" celebration! WooHoo!!!
Well I have wriiten a book I feel like. Take care and happy RVing.

Karen said...

We once flew over the Grand Canyon in a 16 passenger airplane. It was small, but I was so awed by the canyon I had no time to be afraid.

Your grands are cute!