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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Finding Dawgs in Georgia......

While I was in Georgia, I actually passed by the Varsity 6 times without stopping. Of course, I did have a couple of other hot dog joints in mind.
First was the Dawg House, a nicely remodeled, former fast food joint, that reopened in January 2009. The theme is the Georgia Bulldog and it is really cute. Dining is outside at the picnic tables under the umbrellas.
The sign says they are famous for their foot-longs but Logan and I had the regular size dogs with chili and slaw. Oddly enough, the 'buns' were hoagie rolls which was way too much bread for the skinny foot long dog, cut in half, inserted in the roll. The chili was also lost in the roll and the slaw was not exceptional. I saved the menu but can't find it now. I just remember that the $5.99 price for the regular dog was too much.
The owners obviously spent a lot of money on the remodeling and the desired look - they should spend more on developing a killer Dawg. We won't be back.

Logan looking like "one mean Dawg!"
Next was our long time favorite, Mickey's, in old downtown Buford just across the railroad tracks. Their chili slaw dogs are to die for and we took home a sackful! We weren't disappointed!


JyLnC said...

I think both locations looks great and I love a good Dawg since they are a staple in Chicago land. We're heading to Gatlinburg, TN for vacation in June and one of the things we look forward to doing is finding local restaurants to enjoy. Chains are for emergency but I love local restaurants.

Susan said...

Hi Joyce,
Have a great time in Gatlinburg. Hope you find some great 'dives'!

Nana Net said...

Hi there. I came across your blog courtesy of Joyce. It is so nice to meet someone who happens to be a "georgia girl" like myself. And also a Bulldog fan too! Plus one who would like to be in Florida also! LOL Cause you see I am from Atlanta, Georgia, originally. And also grew up in Florida! Whew, what a mouthful.
Anyway, how could you go past "The Varsity" so many times and not stop? I would just die if I did that! I am always going in there everytime I go home. Plus the tales I could tell about my journey on my way there. "0)
Your blog is wonderful. Reminds me about so many things. And for that I THANK you!
Thanks for the info about the "Dawg House" and it's remodeleding and reopening. Plus about Mickey's in Buford. The food there has always been awesome.
I will definetly be back. If that is Ok with you? Thanks again for bringing wonderful memories to this here old girls mind. Have a terrific week.

Nana Net

Susan said...

Nana, thanks for the comment. Come back anytime. I left a comment on your blog. Very nice!