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Friday, November 19, 2010

Miscelaneous going-ons....

We're at Samantha's in Georgia for a few days. It was a pretty easy drive up I-75, about 7 hours (arrived Wed. afternoon) and we stopped 3 times. When traveling with a doggie, you stop according to 'his' schedule! ;-)

Yesterday we went over to Carrollton to do few errands and last night I went with Samantha to Douglasville for some grocery shopping. I had 5 prescriptions filled at Kroger (all $4 generics) and with my five $25 K-Mart gift card coupons which Kroger accepts, I was able to get $125.00 in Kroger "Rx Rewards" and that meant $125 of FREE groceries for $20 in prescriptions! Samantha was able to get most of her supplies for her Thanksgiving dinner and we got enough food to last the rest of the week at her house. I LOVE Kroger but there are none in Florida.......ugh! I always stock up on their toilet paper and usually they have the Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale and Cokes, too! (As for my "Pantry Purge", I donated 3 Publix shopping bags full of miscellaneous food items to a good cause!).

Today we are just hanging out at her house, babysitting tonight for her to go to a friend's party. Nathan is working out of town until next Wednesday. Tomorrow we may ride out to John Tanner (formerly State) Park to see what's happening out that way......and check out another couple of campgrounds in the area. Sunday is the last NASCAR race and then the Falcons are on at 4:00. We will meet up with my BFF, Judy, and have a late lunch and watch the race somewhere.......maybe TGI Fridays near the mall in Douglasville. Monday we hope to meet up with Karen of FabGrandma for lunch or coffee, also in Douglasville. So far, Tuesday is free and the boys are out of school for the week. Guess we'll do something with them all.

We plan to go to my mother's in Buford on Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving with DB Jim and DSIL Helen (from Asheville, NC) and their pup Lacey.....and DS Scott and his family who live nearby. We'll stay there until Monday, when we go back to Florida............but just for about 3 weeks, when we will come back for Christmas and do it all over again! ;-)


Karen said...

my plans have changed--we are going to Helen on Monday to visit the in-laws--so if I get to meet you it would have to be on Tuesday..Maybe next time?

Freely Living Life said...

You get to meet up with FabGrandma?! I'm jealous!! =0)

Have fun and tell her we say hello!


Susan said...

Karen, On Tuesday we are going to Carrollton to do some 'truck' shopping and to Tanner Park. Leaving for my mother's on Lake Lanier on Wednesday morning. Sorry, we couldn't work out the time.

Susan said...

Freely Living - Love your pictures and story about Gulf State Park. We are going to be there Jan.15 thru April.