American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.
Louis Grizzard, a great American
It's choice ~ not chance ~ that determines your destiny.
Jean Nidetch

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nothing much going on today. We were going to Gainesville for my birthday dinner but Sam's doctor's office called and postponed his appointment for his treatment until later in the week so we decided to wait til then to eat out. No need to drive to Gainesville more than once a week - a 35 mile drive. Probably end up going Thursday or Friday this week.

Instead, Sam went to Walmart and got a small cake and some ice cream. Surprisingly, the cake was delicious! Then we settled in to watch Dancing with the Stars.

I did enjoy talking to all the kids and grand kids. We're planning on going up to Georgia for Thanksgiving and will be there about 2 weeks. Lots of time to visit and just relax.

The cold front came through last week and the temps are still in the high 40's at night, rising to near 80 during the day. Every day gets a little warmer. Luckily, it only rained about an hour but the wind did blow for several days. Hope it's not too cold in Georgia!

Here's a picture of our last sunset in Del Rio, Texas, in July, 2009.
Bridge separating Rio Grande River and Lake Amistad.

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