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Thursday, September 25, 2008

~ Just Chillin' and Blowin' Breakers ~

For a few days we have been visiting with our son, Scott, and his family and doing a little babysitting. He has been working on finishing their basement and has a nice area already done, including an office for him and a bedroom for Sam and myself. Nice carpet throughout, nice ceiling fans (with remote!) and this past Saturday he and Sam installed the wire racking in the walk-in closet and also mounted the wall hanger for the TV. Now we have cable TV in "our room" and everything is very nice. I meant to take some pictures, but forget, so I'll do that next time. He still has to finish the largest part of the basement, a game/media room with wet bar as well as two other smaller rooms. The bathroom will be greatly appreciated!
Here's a new picture of them
Scott, Mackenzie, Angelia and Ethan

We also spent some days with my Mother who lives near Scott. She's 82, lives alone, and still drives around town.

Here is a picture of her with all of her eight great grand kids!

On Monday, we picked up the camper at Lightnin' RV and headed across town (Atlanta) to stay with our daughter, Samantha, who lives near Douglasville, GA. She is the ONLY one who has a driveway that is level enough for us to park the camper.

Here's a picture of that!

Here's Samantha and her family

Kyle, Logan, Samantha, Nathan & Tyler

We plugged our 30-Amp cord into their 20-Amp outlet and blew the breaker. Oops!! We have plugged in before, with the old motor home, but we may not have been using the air conditioner. We just can't remember. Anyway, Sam made a trip to Lowe's to get another 20-Amp breaker and also a 30-Amp one. Luckily, Nathan is an electrician and will install the new breakers when he gets home from work tonight. The 30-Amp will be for the outside outlet and that should solve the problem.

We'll be here until October 5th to be around for Kyle's 5-year birthday party on the 4th. About 30 kids are going to Monkey Joe's "jumpy place". We will stay at the house with the babies that are too small to jump! After that we'll head down to Florida to pick up some dishes and stuff we left at our cousin's and to just goof around a little. The new camper is so nice and roomy................and we are ready to go!

Footnote: The 20-amp breaker had simply tripped the need to replace. It works fine now. Nathan will install the 30-amp tonight.

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Karen said...

I went to Monkey Joe's with my daughter and Grandson last winter. What a neat place for kids!

My daughter lives in Villa Rica and is a teacher at Alexander High School. She just started last year an loves it.