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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project 365 Day 74 - Us at the Gala

There is just not much to take pictures of around here. Same ol' same ol'.

Sam is working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...10 hour he is off today and also Friday and Saturday. He doesn't have his uniform or hat yet. It will probably be a few weeks. Like anything with the government...the wheel turns slow! He says the job is very easy...rides a truck all over the park and up the Rio Grande River (part of the park, also) checking the garbage cans, bathrooms, etc. They did repair and paint a couple of signs yesterday and today. There will be more to do when the weather warms up some more. Now it is 70-80's days and 50's nights. Not bad.

Us at the Winter Gala


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

There have been times we were at places that weren't very photogenic but there are ALWAYS photos to take. Everywhere I look, there is a photo. We took a walk yesterday and I forgot the camera and I felt lost, I have learned never go anywhere without the camera.

Anonymous said...

I would take those temperatures in a heartbeat. I enjoy your photos and I'll wait patiently. :>)