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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time flies.....

I haven't posted since Sunday because there was nothing to post about. Even though it is pretty dull around here the days go by fast. It was a beautiful day today....bright sunshine, blue skies, about 65 degrees by afternoon. Sam went to Home Depot to ge a bolt for the Direct TV dish....the strong winds kept blowing it so that it would tilt down about 1" and lose the satellite feed. The original bolt was stripped and wouldn't hold tight anymore. With that done, I was able to watch the Speed channel most of the day where they had a program recapping some of the races (NASCAR) from the end of last year. The campground has free cable but the cable does not have Speed channel, a must for race fans. With Direct TV, we don't have the networks (or local channels) which I need in order to watch a few programs at night....American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Desperte Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, "24", and Survivor when it comes back on. So, we have the cable hooked up to the small TV sitting on the dinning table and the satellite hooked to the big TV, which we watch the most. Yes, we could have the Networks from the East Feed or the West Feed for $9.99 more a month but we don't have this problem unless we are out of the Atlanta "umbrella" area. When in Florida or anywhere in Georgia, we get the Atanta local channels (networks) through the satellite feed.

Here's the two TV's on at the same time......not usually the case.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can receive both. I would miss all of my cable and network programs. I'm too addicted to cable for my own good.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

If we will be in an area for awhile, we usually call Direct TV and change our physical address to the campground we are at which then gives us local channels, usually within minutes at no additional charge.

The Longs said...

yes What the petersons' said.. we have Direct and are fultimers and when i am in an area for more than a week I just call and have them give me the locals until i am reassigned. We also are returning to A-land this summer, our 2nd as workampers.

Susan said...

Thanks Peterson and Long's! We called Direct TV and now have the local channels on our satellite! Great to know....thanks again!

Karen said...

I haven't watched network tv in so long I don't even know what is playing, but I stopped watching long before we hit the road. I don't miss it, either. I watch a lot of stuff on the Documentary channel, Discovery, HGTV, TRU, the Comedy Channel, and HBO. Oh, and the weather channel. I can now get my local on the 8's on my Dish since we got the new receiver. yay!