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Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday 1/1/2010 Happy New Year!

The boys were up bright and early this morning....about 7:30. Breakfast was cereal and blueberry muffins and chocolate milk.

We managed to entertain them inside until about 10:00 then they just had to go outside and swing and ride Kyle's scooter.

Samantha and Nathan came over about 11:00 and stayed for a couple hours. They left about 1:30 and took two boys with them. Kyle stayed and we will take him home on Sunday. He goes back to school on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Missed All My Children, if it was even on.
Today we had to move from the "Host" site as we were only scheduled as hosts for November and December. New hosts for January through March moved onto the host site and we moved down to another site in the park. We're now in site 30, a pull through that is very large and has everything except a black water (sewer) drain. There is a gray water drain so that is good. Sam will have to take the black water to the 'dump' in the blue tote tank...about once a week. Sam will assist the maintenance guys, completing various projects around the park.
This site is at the bottom of the hill at the back of the campground. We can see the entire campground, uphill, out our big windows. There is a creek (which Kyle loves) just behind us at the edge of the woods. I think I like this site best of all! : )

Thurs. 12/31 - New Year’s Eve

Here's the new heater
We will need it because the next 5 nights are lows in tbe teens/twenties! Yikes! : o

I was up at 7:00 to turn on the coffee and watch the news. Sam slept until 9:00! It was so foggy and dark he thought it was still night! Late breakfast of cereal then I sorted some coupons that expire today and went to Kroger and Publix to get any final deals. I didn’t leave until after 1:00 but All My Children was a rerun?? That was weird.

Sam had leftover chicken and rice for lunch but I had a dollar burger on the way to Publix.

At Publix, I got four bags of Chex Mix and their last bag of Cherry Cordial Kisses and when I checked out they paid ME .08 cents! I LOVE Publix, where shopping is always a pleasure. ; )

Found some free Glade candles at Kroger and a few other deals. Total was $30.94 and paid $8.50 after coupons and after checking the tape, they over charged me by 52 cents on one item! : (

When I returned to the camper, Sam took the laundry over to the motel (here in the park, where we are able to do laundry for free) and washed up a few things. : ) I stayed at the camper and watched 2 episodes of Reba! It got pretty windy and was still very foggy when I took Buddy for a walk.

About 7:00, Samantha and Nathan brought their 3 boys over to spend the night while they went to a party at someone’s house. We made pepperoni pizza and played games. They were very good and actually went to sleep before the Peach dropped. So did I! : )

2 Campers tonight!


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