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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catching up...........

Monday, the 4th, was so cold and overcast, we just sat around watching TV and reading. I don’t think it ever got above freezing. Sam worked with the maintenance man in between keeping warm in the ‘shop’.

Tuesday, the 5th, was better because the sun was shining. It’s very nice shining in the picture window at the back of the camper. We just had honey nut cheerios for breakfast and PB & J sandwiches with chips for lunch.

After lunch, and All My Children, I decided to get out and do some goofing around. I went to Target to see if they had any leftover Christmas markdowns. Not much there. I went to the library and got a book to read, then stopped by the movie kiosk at Walgreens, Redbox, to pick up a movie to watch later that night since there is NOTHING on TV - not even on 200-plus channels. By now it is after 5:00 and I didn’t want to go back and cook anything so I picked up Burger King (free whoppers) and headed back to the camper.

We ate dinner, made some cookies, and watched the movie, “Julie and Julia.” It was pretty good and well worth the $1 rental fee.

Wednesday, today, we woke up to find the propane had run out. With the electric heater, the furnace only kicks on a few times in the night so it wasn’t that cold without it. I stayed under the electric blanket while Sam walked Buddy and then went and had one of the propane tanks filled. It was about 9:00 when he returned. He also returned the movie to the kiosk while he was out.
The eye doctor’s office called about 10:00 to let us know that our glasses were ready and since they close at noon on Wednesdays, I had to hustle to get ready. We left about 11:00 and had plenty of time. (I don’t like to rush in the mornings!) : )

Nice Publix Deal………..
After getting our new glasses, we went to Publix to get the flyer for the new sale (their sale starts on Wednesdays here in Carroll County). Nothing very exciting in their sale. The penny item this week is a bag of Publix Tortilla Chips (reg. $2.59) but now you have to buy the Wednesday paper to get the coupon for the penny item. I’ll need to work it out so that it is worth the cost of the paper ($.70) to get the coupon.

I managed to get two pounds of ground beef, a bunch of celery (for chicken salad and to eat with cream cheese), OnCor frozen entrée (Salisbury steaks and gravy), a jar of mustard (for Sam‘s ham sandwiches), the newspaper (for the coupon), the $.01 tortilla chips, 4 packs of Yakisoba chicken noodle soup, and 6 bottles of Sundown Vitamins (Vitamin D). Total was $36.93 and after senior discount and coupons, I paid $.58! ; )

Since we were out around lunch time, we had fish and fries at Captain D’s for lunch (free with coupons). : )

When we returned to the camper, Sam went outside to dump the black tank only to find that the poop was frozen in there. LOL! No dumping til the spring thaw! Hopefully, that won’t be long. The tank’s not full so we will use the bathroom sparingly and go to the bathhouse when possible. The grey tank is fine….not frozen. (the shower water, sink water, etc.)

Guess we’ll watch the comedy shows on CBS and have soup for dinner.

And we had 3 campers Tuesday night and 2 tonight.

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easullivan13 said...

Wow $.58 cents that's impressive!! I've tried clipping coupons, but I find the store brand is still usually cheaper.