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Monday, January 25, 2010

I am so far behind blogging…..oh well. It was beautiful today but very windy. We had cheese grits for breakfast with toast & Smucker’s strawberry preserves….yummy! : )

Sam worked with the maintenance guy and I went to Publix for a few deals.

I’ve been trying to organize my recipes in a notebook….just about done. Now to work on my coupons and get them better organized.

We’re having chicken quesadillas for supper with Mexican veggies and salsa.

There is one camper tonight.

Tuesday, Jan. 19th

We took Kyle home yesterday after having him here since Saturday. I sure do miss him when he’s gone, but he had school today. The weather was not good over the weekend….too much rain. We stayed inside most of the time, playing cards and games, watching movies and cooking. On the DVR, we watched the original Star Wars and Kyle really liked it. The next night he wanted to watch the 2nd one, The Empire Strikes Back. Guess we’ll watch number 3 the next time he’s here.

Sunday night we had Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Veggies, two new recipes out of Taste of Home’s Cooking for Two. (There was plenty for three). : ) They were good and I will definitely have them again.

Yesterday and today are great at 62 degrees and sunshine. We had cereal and muffins for breakfast and “deviled” ham sandwiches & chips for lunch. We have a movie, World’s Greatest Dad, to watch before we take it back tonight before 9:00. It was a freebie from Redbox, the movie kiosk at Walgreens. We also need to make a trip to the library before they close at 8:00.

Sam’s working today with the maintenance man and I have been doing little jobs around the camper. I arranged the DVD player and the DVT box so the DVR unit would fit under the TV in the opening for such items. The DVT box sits on top of the DVD player so that the DVR player will sit beside them.

No campers tonight.


Karen said...

it doesn't matter if you get behind, if you just pick up again and keep at it. I like hearing about your coupon deals.

JyLnC said...

I'm behind in my blogging, too. Luckily it's a very forgiving blog world. Blog when you can and visit other blogs when you can, too. It's all good. Take care and stay out of trouble.