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Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, Jan. 15th

Finally….it’s 62 degrees!! Yea! And we’re cooking out on the grill. Logan is here and enjoyed the warm weather to play outside. We picked him up Wednesday and will take him home tomorrow (and get Kyle). He and Sam made several hikes to the frozen water fall that comes off the 2 lakes. The lakes are still mostly frozen. There is a little area that is beginning to melt…not too soon for the ducks and geese! : )
I got my old VCR and tapes from Samantha’s house and hooked it up to the big TV to watch some old movies. We already have a DVD hooked up but I have a bunch of movies that I haven’t replaced and wanted to watch. I actually wanted to be able to record stuff to watch later since we don’t have the DVR, just the regular DVD player. The old VCR still works like a charm. We watched Captain Ron Wednesday night. Still a favorite!
Logan wakes us up pretty early, around 7:30, to watch cartoons. We’ve just been having cereal for breakfast because it is so easy. Wednesday night we went to Captain D’s for Sam’s free birthday (1/10) dinner and I had a coupon for mine. Logan just shared with us so we didn’t buy him anything.
Thursday night we went to Burger King for Logan’s free birthday (1/25) kid’s meal and Sam and I had the free whoppers from their survey (on receipt). We went in Publix and Kroger for a few deals and I had a couple of prescriptions to pick up…one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. That gave me $20 credit on my Kroger card. No more $25 GC’s per Rx…now I just have some $10 GC’s per Rx. That’s better than nothing. : )
Tonight Sam and Logan are cooking BBQ chicken on the grill to go with potatoes and salad. Later, we’ll watch The Long, Long Trailer on the VCR and maybe Cool Runnings, about the Jamaica bobsled team, with John Candy. : )


Anonymous said...

I loved the Long, Long, Trailer. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous grandchildren.
It's been interesting reading some of your posts and seeing how different your life is.
Thanks for sharing